Resident Artists Exhibition

July 28
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Free Admission

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Current Exhibition

Jan 25, 2017

in::Sequence feat. Cuppetelli and Mendoza + Shigeto

An immersive experience in light and sound featuring new work from Cuppetelli and Mendoza with accompanying music by Shigeto. On view now through June 18th, 2017.

Artist Statement:
While discussing the possibilities for this exhibition, it became clear that all involved had a love for techno and its Detroit roots. Another undercurrent of our early planning revolved around the way that electronic music is made, using audio layers or channels, and at a more granular level, using samples and sequences. One final idea that guided the creation of the work was the notion that the whole experience should be somehow unified; while different pieces would have different visual qualities and sonic environments, they should still be part of a whole, which itself mirrors both electronic music making and the various “areas” of the typical rave party. The result of these discussions is in::Sequence, an immersive audiovisual experience consisting of visual installations designed by Cuppetelli and Mendoza and sonified by Shigeto.

The aesthetic approach is a playful take on rave psychedelia, but with the tools and technologies available in the present time. Simple materials such as tulle and mylar are combined with video projections, real-time audio and interactive software to create installations that are low and high tech simultaneously.