Meet the Artists


Q&A with Resident Artist Lala Abaddon

Lala Abaddon’s installation at Red Bull House of Art requires a commitment from the audience. You’re invited into her large scale technicolor installation, but the old rules don’t apply — you have to touch the artwork to make your way inside. Using light filtered through transparent materials and a natural movement to the architecture of […]


Q&A with Resident Artist Beau Stanton

The bread and butter of Beau Stanton’s work resides in his oil paintings, but as a multidisciplinary artist, he wouldn’t dream of stopping there. Stanton’s multi-screen animation project conquered Times Square as part of the Midnight Moment project, where advertisements disappear and myriad artists take over. His work in stained glass was exhibited in a […]


Q&A with Resident Artist Coby Kennedy

Artist Coby Kennedy has found a city with a kindred spirit. If industrial design and fine arts ever collided geographically, it’s in Detroit. As an industrial designer who turned his attention to the fine arts, Kennedy can see the massive machine dreams that drove the Motor City in designing the streets, the neighborhoods, the people. […]


Q&A with Resident Artist Drew Merritt

The idea of creating street art passed Drew Merritt by — literally. Raised on a one-road ranch in a small New Mexico town, Merritt admired the large scale graffiti pieces on train cars passing by. He saw what his natural talent in drawing could become. Following the train tracks (with the help of a driver’s […]


Q&A with Resident Artist Ian Kuali’i

There’s an elegance that emerges from the collision of influence in Ian Kuali’i’s work. As styles collide, his work retains its own blend of color, fluidity and beauty. And yes, those intricately engineered designs are rendered from a single large sheet of white paper using an exacto blade. “In the beginning, I viewed it more […]


Q&A with Resident Artist Michael Reeder

In his portraiture work, Michael Reeder taps into something instinctual and reflective. Hailing from Dallas and currently residing in Taos, New Mexico, Reeder juxtaposes his distinct catalog of characters against colorful yet flat graphic surfaces. By focusing extensively on the features of the face before letting the background literally carve out the rest, Reeder conjures […]

Q&A with Resident Artist Carl Rauschenbach

You can’t see the countless hours Carl Rauschenbach has put into perfecting a shape. All that’s left for the viewer is the immensely satisfying final product. There’s a sense that everything is in its right place — each perfectly curved line, each stretched piece of canvas stapled to a laser cut of wood. It’s astonishing […]

Q&A with Resident Artist Scott Vincent Campbell

Between the New York Times articles and steady word-of-mouth, Scott Vincent Campbell had heard Detroit’s siren song of cheap rent and studio space for artists. Born and raised in New York City and currently living in Queens, creating without the realities of rent creeping into the studio were nothing new to Campbell. The marketing campaign […]

Q&A with resident artist Katy Ann Gilmore

Viewing Katy Ann Gilmore’s magnificently detailed work in person is powerful. In her intimate line work, there’s rarely an arbitrary move — theories of mathematics disguise themselves inside of topography, spatial relationships and dimensions (both seen & unseen). In pen work, painting and three-dimensional installations, Gilmore’s work represents a clearly cohesive body of work that’s […]