Artist Talk with Lucia Hierro, Joiri Minaya, & Gina Goico

May 19
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Free Admission

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Jan 31, 2017


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Resident Artists Exhibition – 4.6.18

An inside look at the opening night for our Resident Artists Exhibition, featuring new work from Lucia Hierro, Joiri Minaya, and Gina Goico on April 6th, 2018. The exhibition is on view now through May 28th, 2018. 

Q&A with Resident Artist Lucia Hierro

“Cities are cities, so there’s a lot of similarities to where I’m from in the Bronx,” says Hierro, sitting at her workbench inside of Red Bull House of Art. “Similar development and similar histories in a way.”

Q&A with Resident Artist Joiri Minaya

Born in the Dominican Republic and currently living in New York, Minaya splits her time and her identity between the two — and reflecting on those stereotypes continues to inform her diverse array of work.

DECA\DANCE – 2.2.18

Take an inside look at the opening of DECA\DANCE, our latest exhibition celebrating 10 years of Haute to Death. 2.2.18.

Q&A with Resident Artist Judith Supine

If you’ve been pulled in by the captivating cover of a paperback while browsing the bookstore, you’ll understand the appeal of Judith Supine’s collages.

Q&A with Resident Artist Julie Schenkelberg

We sat down with Schenkelberg to learn more about how her history with set production has influenced her large-scale installations and what she’s working on for the upcoming Resident Artist exhibition.

New Wave Exhibition – 9.22.17

Take an inside look at the opening of New Wave, our latest group exhibition organized by Ben Venom featuring the work of 9 artists redefining how we view contemporary craft. 9.22.17.

‘John Henry At The Gates Of Avalon’ by Coby Kennedy

Resident Artist Alum Coby Kennedy recently returned to Detroit to complete his public installation, 'John Henry At The Gates Of Avalon.' Take a closer look at the installation & the inspiration behind it. Artist Statement: John Henry At The Gates Of Avalon - Coby...

Resident Artists Exhibition – 7.28.17

An inside look at opening night for our Resident Artists Exhibition, featuring new work from Felicia Forte, Jose Mertz, & Steve Kim on July 28th, 2017.

Q&A with Resident Artist Jose Mertz

We talked with Mertz about the balance of influence between the academic and the street art world and what he’s working on for the upcoming Red Bull House of Art exhibition.

Q&A with Resident Artist Steve Kim

We spoke with Kim about how his focus on portraits began, his return to oil paintings after a time away and what he hopes the audience feels when they see his work for the first time at Red Bull House of Art.

Q&A with Resident Artist Felicia Forte

We sat down with Felicia Forte to learn more about how limitations and working as an educator has expanded her range and comfort as an artist.

Secret Walls x Detroit: All Star Battle – 6.23.17

An inside look at Secret Walls x Detroit: All Star Battle on 6.23.17. Participating artists included Slick, Kopye, Steve Kim, and Camilo Pardo vs. Geoff Gouvela, Kristen Liu-Wong, Matt Gondek, and Ghost...

Q&A with Resident Artist Tschabalala Self

We spoke with Self about the expectations that often accompany the work of black and female artists as well as the outsized role of individuality in black culture that populates her work.

Q&A with Resident Artist Ellannah Sadkin

We spoke with Sadkin about the influence of cartoons in her work, how narrative can add and take away from the final piece and the impression she wants the audience to walk away with when they see her work.

Art Basel: Behind the Scenes

With a number of our alumni participating in Art Basel Miami this past year, we decided to go straight to the source for a behind the scenes look at a few of the various aspects that go into the festival. Scott Vincent Campbell, one of our first Resident Artists of...

Q&A with Resident Artist Mr. Kiji

There’s a consistent theme of place and identity in Mr. Kiji’s work. For an Artist who has trotted the globe, such identity and sense of place can be defined by having a home as it is by living out of a suitcase. In transience, sights and sounds of new environments...

In the Studio with Beau, Lala, & Coby

Go behind the scenes look as our Resident Artist prepare their installations for the Resident Exhibition opening on Friday, Nov. 1th, 2016!

A Conversation with our Resident Artists 10.22.16

We sat down with Resident Artists Lala Abaddon, Coby Kennedy, and Beau Stanton to learn more about their process and what they’re working on for their upcoming exhibition at House of Art.

Q&A with Resident Artist Lala Abaddon

Lala Abaddon’s installation at Red Bull House of Art requires a commitment from the audience. You’re invited into her large scale technicolor installation, but the old rules don’t apply — you have to touch the artwork to make your way inside. Using light filtered...

Q&A with Resident Artist Beau Stanton

The bread and butter of Beau Stanton’s work resides in his oil paintings, but as a multidisciplinary artist, he wouldn’t dream of stopping there. Stanton’s multi-screen animation project conquered Times Square as part of the Midnight Moment project, where...

Q&A with Resident Artist Coby Kennedy

Artist Coby Kennedy has found a city with a kindred spirit. If industrial design and fine arts ever collided geographically, it’s in Detroit. As an industrial designer who turned his attention to the fine arts, Kennedy can see the massive machine dreams that drove the...

House of Art Alumni + Murals in the Market

Keep an eye out for new work from House of Art alumni in Murals in the Market this year: Ben Saginaw / Dessi Terzieva / Ellen Rutt / Freddy Diaz / Jesse Kassel Paul (ffty) Johnson / Paula Schubatis / Sheefy / Sydney G. James / Tiff Massey Tylonn Sawyer / Vaughn...

Virtual Gallery Tour of Residency 2

Take a gallery tour of our Residency 2 artists; Ian Kuali’i, Michael Reeder, and Drew Merritt's work.  These pieces were inspired, designed and created during their 3 month residency inside of the house.

Residency 2 Exhibition

A look inside opening night of the Residency 2 exhibition featuring Resident Artists Ian Kuali'i, Michael Reeder, and Drew Merritt, 7.22.16.

Residency 2: Behind the Scenes

A behind the scenes look at Ian, Michael, and Drew as they prepare for their exhibition opening on July 22nd.

Q&A with Resident Artist Drew Merritt

The idea of creating street art passed Drew Merritt by — literally. Raised on a one-road ranch in a small New Mexico town, Merritt admired the large scale graffiti pieces on train cars passing by. He saw what his natural talent in drawing could become. Following the...

Q&A with Resident Artist Ian Kuali’i

There’s an elegance that emerges from the collision of influence in Ian Kuali’i’s work. As styles collide, his work retains its own blend of color, fluidity and beauty. And yes, those intricately engineered designs are rendered from a single large sheet of white paper...

Q&A with Resident Artist Michael Reeder

In his portraiture work, Michael Reeder taps into something instinctual and reflective. Hailing from Dallas and currently residing in Taos, New Mexico, Reeder juxtaposes his distinct catalog of characters against colorful yet flat graphic surfaces. By focusing...

Lucien Shapiro: Fear Collecting Ritual

Lucien Shapiro's Fear Collecting Ritual, a fools journey with accompanying live performance by Charles Manier aka Tadd Mullinix at Red Bull House of Art, 7.8.16.

Residency 2 Artists at Work

Take a behind the scenes look at the Residency 2 Artists Michael Reeder, Ian Kuali'i, and Drew Merritt near the one month mark of their time at Red Bull House of Art.

Secret Walls x Detroit

Go behind the scenes of the first ever Secret Walls x Detroit on May 26th, 2016.

New work from alum Brian Lacey

Red Bull House of Art alum Brian Lacey returns for year two of his annual Movement project! An evolving mural, the Movement wall will receive additional layers to coincide with the surrounding festivities of Movement. Stop by TV Lounge to see the finished piece in...

Updates from Alum Christopher Batten

Since his time at Red Bull House of Art, alum Christopher Batten has been working toward his MFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art, remaining active in the arts community during his time away. He is currently in the running for the 2016 Artarama self portrait...

Residency 1 Exhibition

Scenes from opening night of our Residency 1 exhibition on April 29th, 2016.

Q&A with Resident Artist Carl Rauschenbach

You can’t see the countless hours Carl Rauschenbach has put into perfecting a shape. All that’s left for the viewer is the immensely satisfying final product. There’s a sense that everything is in its right place — each perfectly curved line, each stretched piece of...

Q&A with Resident Artist Scott Vincent Campbell

Between the New York Times articles and steady word-of-mouth, Scott Vincent Campbell had heard Detroit’s siren song of cheap rent and studio space for artists. Born and raised in New York City and currently living in Queens, creating without the realities of rent...

Q&A with resident artist Katy Ann Gilmore

Viewing Katy Ann Gilmore’s magnificently detailed work in person is powerful. In her intimate line work, there’s rarely an arbitrary move — theories of mathematics disguise themselves inside of topography, spatial relationships and dimensions (both seen & unseen)....

New work from alumni William Singer

House of Art Cycle 11 alumni William Singer will be showcasing a new body of work in Butter Projects latest exhibition, 'THEM.' Taking a shift from his previous colorful portraits, Singer will be showing a new series of black and white monochromatic prints on canvas,...

Things we’re looking forward to in 2016

In 2016, Detroit is poised to go from reference point to bonafide arts destination. After a slow brew effort in the past decade to highlight the non-motorized assets of the Motor City, the international arts community has realized what Detroiters knew all along —...

Documenting Detroit

On Saturday, March 11th Documenting Detroit returned to House of Art for the fourth installment of their photo lecture series. It was a great evening with guests hearing from Detroit Free Press staff photographer Salwan Georges and recent White House photographer...

Residency 1 Artists at Work

Take a behind the scenes look at our Residency 1 artists in action, Katy Ann Gilmore, Scott Vincent Campbell, and Carl Rauschenbach.

Murals in the Market

During the summer of 2015, 1xRUN & The Eastern Market Corporation curated the inaugural Murals In The Market which brought together over 45 world-class local and international artists to create dozens of new must-see art installations. Featured Artists for Murals...

Tiff Massey Detroit is Black

Check out what alumni Tiff Massey has been up to: Tiff Massey x Wajeed:

Collecting Faces with Craig Nowak

On January 30th, House of Art Alum, Craig Nowak held a hands on demo with students from The Henry Ford Academy School for Creative Studies on the craft of face casting.  Check out coverage from the Detroit Free Press;...

Wrapping Up 2015 – Cycle 11

DETROIT, MICHIGAN (NOVEMBER 2015) - Wrapping up 2015 at the Red Bull House of Art involved bringing out over 2,200 patrons to witness the unveiling of brand new works of 11 Detroit artists in the city’s historic 24-hour Eastern market district. From pop art humorist...