Artist Talk with Lucia Hierro, Joiri Minaya, & Gina Goico

May 19
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Free Admission

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Ellannah Sadkin

Feb 7, 2017

Ellannah Sadkin

Ellannah Sadkin uses the markings of cartoons and comic books as a tool to explore the human psyche, unraveling familiar characters as a relatable means to delve into inner emotions, anxiety, struggles and sense of purpose. The pieces range from recognizable to deconstructed abstractions, with well-known characters reduced to energetic lines and bright color fields.

Ellannah is an up-and-coming artist who works primarily in acrylic and gouache to produce colorful and abstract works. Using hard black lines, bright flat color and organic and geometric shapes, her style is often described as surrealist cartooning, or comic abstraction. As an adolescent growing up part time in New York city, Sadkin was drawn to 90s cartoons and the vibrant street graffiti scenes, leading to her approach to composition. Artists she sights for inspiration are animators such as chuck jones and John Kricfalusi, and artists George condo and Franz Ackermann which inspired her to use cartoon imagery as a visual representation of her brain under stress and euphoria.

Her lastest solo show in NYC was an introspective quest using comic abstraction. Her metaphorical representational paintings are joined by four circular “mind maps,” which are abstracted studies on the emotions felt when Sadkin is in the creation process.