Artist Talk with Lucia Hierro, Joiri Minaya, & Gina Goico

May 19
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Free Admission

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Jan 26, 2016

meet the artists

The Red Bull House of Art creates a space where artists work side-by-side to share conversation, perspectives and techniques. Founded in 2011, Red Bull House of Art has hosted over 90 artists working in myriad mediums. Meet our alumni.

our current residents

Jason Pulgarin

Born in 1990 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and currently based in Los Angeles, Jason Pulgarin is known for his brightly colored and highly stylized figurative works on paper, but is also deeply rooted in the graffiti and mural subculture.

Debbie Manville

For thirty years, Debbie Manville has honed her artistic language through painting, abstract digital art, and photography. Using a palette of bright colors, gradients, and odd shapes, her work addresses semiotics, and both the history of and possibilities for, visual language.


Nathan Smith

Los Angeles-based painter Nathan Smith was first drawn to the arts through the calligraphy and cryptic letterforms of the city’s vibrant graffiti culture. As his creative expression evolved to incorporate more traditional mediums, techniques, and platforms, his initial inspiration still lies at the base of his practice.