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September 22
@ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
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Jan 26, 2016

meet the artists

The Red Bull House of Art creates a space where artists work side-by-side to share conversation, perspectives and techniques. Founded in 2011, Red Bull House of Art has hosted over 90 artists working in myriad mediums. Meet our alumni.

our current residents

Felicia Forte

Felicia Forte is a representational oil painter based in Detroit, Michigan. Her body of work is a visual journal, some accounts are pivotal others are simple. She works to present these vulnerable moments with economy of action and integrity of personal expression.

Jose Mertz

Jose Mertz is a artist / image maker based in Miami, Fl. His creative area of interest range from traditional drawing and painting to graphic & product design.

Steve Kim

Steve Kim is an artist and illustrator. Born in Seoul, Korea, he immigrated to the states at the age of two and currently resides in Oxford, Mississippi.