Resident Artist Exhibition

April 6
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Free Admission

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April 26 + 27
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Free Admission

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Artists – temp

Mar 9, 2017

meet the artists

The Red Bull House of Art creates a space where artists work side-by-side to share conversation, perspectives and techniques. Founded in 2011, Red Bull House of Art has hosted over 90 artists working in myriad mediums. Meet our alumni.

our current residents

Lucia Hierro

Lucia Hierro is a Dominican American conceptual artist born and raised in New York City, Washington Heights/Inwood, currently working in the Bronx. She received a BFA from SUNY Purchase (2010) and an MFA from Yale School of Art (2013).

Joiri Minaya

Joiri Minaya is a Dominican–American artist born in 1990. Living between the United States and the Dominican Republic (and having lived in Belgium for a while), her work meditates on representation, identity constructions, gender roles, migration and nature from a personal place but also through larger transcultural and historical frames.


Gina Goico

Gina's work is the result of a constant questioning of her identities, the quotidian and how she navigates the space where she exists in the Dominican Republic and the United States. Through this process, she has created a diverse body of work ranging from collage to installations, ink drawings, and performance.

past artists

2016 artists

Beau Stanton

A multi-disciplinary artist, Stanton’s work takes the form of paintings, murals, large scale installations, stained glass, and multimedia animations.

Coby Kennedy

Coby Kennedy’s work deals with often unspoken and unaddressed dynamics of media’s influence on modern social entitlement and problematics of self-image.

Lala Abaddon

Lala Abaddon seeks to examine the dual nature of binary relationships with parallels that give shape to their physical existence.