July 22
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Free Admission

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‘John Henry At The Gates Of Avalon’ by Coby Kennedy

Sep 1, 2017

Resident Artist Alum Coby Kennedy recently returned to Detroit to complete his public installation, ‘John Henry At The Gates Of Avalon.’ Take a closer look at the installation & the inspiration behind it.

Artist Statement:

John Henry At The Gates Of Avalon – Coby Kennedy
2017 – steel, bulletproof ballistic grade Kevlar, resin, negro DNA

The THUGGERNAUGHT is a mythical creature created by CNN and FOXnews as a catch-all phrase for the young Black male.
The THUGGERNAUGHT is the physical manifestation of white fear created from the worst nightmares of suburbia.
The THUGGERNAUGHT is Chads greatest terror and Becky’s darkest desire.
The Thuggernaught just wants to live.
Whomever created the Thuggernauts, whenever they were made, was of the idea that to destroy a community it must be destroyed from within. So they created the “Thug”, taking fetuses from the Negroes, gestating them into metal pachydermic shells and let them loose to roam the urban landscape dishing out death, self-genocide, and general sociopathic behavior. A manufactured being part human, part L-RAD machine birthed for the sole purpose of destroying its own people. A physical manifestation of self-genocide and voluntary subjugation.

Users manual included.